Hydrocore Performance System

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Tailored Custom


A custom computer is a technological extension of the physical user. How do you want to define yourself? The line in the sand has been drawn between REAL PC users, and brand-name “off-the-shelf” sellouts.

A lot of high-performance computer users choose to order a custom computer rather than buying a generic one. Apart from the obvious thrill and excitement of choosing your own parts based on your specific needs, there are many other reasons why computers are custom built. There are many prominent advantages of choosing custom computers over branded PCs.

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About Us

Hydrocore Performance Systems was established by 2 local boys in 2016. Having spent more than half of our lives building extreme custom computers and playing with the latest hardware, we decided to contribute to enthusiasts and beginners by setting up our retail shop in 2020. Our goal is to combine the subtle art, creativity and technology with our vast knowledge. We custom and mod our own enthusiast liquid cooling components and cases. Till today we add our own personal touch to make it truly custom and unique. 

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