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“Singularity Computers was established by Daniel Cannon in 2007. I have spent more than half of my life building extreme custom computers. Our goal is to combine art and technology, our creativity with our knowledge. We manufacture our own enthusiast liquid cooling components and have a growing range. Our components are refined in ways which are only possible from years of liquid cooling experience. For the past 7 years I have put all my energy into sharing my knowledge with the world through our YouTube Channel. There you will find everything there is to know about extreme custom computers, liquid cooling and overclocking.”

The PC hardware market has changed significantly over the past 20 years and we have moved away from beige boxes with a nest of ugly cables to intricate display pieces that look just as exceptional as they perform. Social media has allowed us to share our creations and the creativity and talent of some professional PC builders is outstanding. This has only expanded the market and gamers; creators and tech enthusiasts all want to build their own unique Instagram worthy system. This is where Singularity comes in.
Choosing hardware based on aesthetics is now a large part of building a luxury PC. Big companies such as Corsair, ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and EK have all jumped on the bandwagon and brought out new products aimed at this RGB hungry market. Singularity computers stand out from the mainstream with enthusiast-grade hardware that has been researched and tested by a discerning team of experts. 
Singularity is not trying to appeal to everyone, and top tier components do come at a cost. However, if you are willing to invest in the best quality available and have experience building computers you can make pretty much any dream come true. Your dream PC is likely powerful, water-cooled and complex. To design and create such a system from scratch usually takes special tools and machinery, a lot of patience and more importantly a lot of time. Designing and creating distribution plates, braiding cables or modifying an existing case to meet your requirements is a laborious task. Singularity Computers have done all the hard work for you and each component is carefully designed, tested and manufactured to an extremely high standard. No expense is spared, and the experience of the designers shows with common problems ironed out by unique, innovative features. The brand even has a YouTube channel with a wealth of information that is useful, interesting and full of beautiful example builds.


Singularity Computers, two stand out products, are their cases. The Spectre 3.0 and the Wraith. They both showcase the engineering capability of the singularity team and are the ultimate component if you want to craft an extraordinary show system. The cases are fully modular and designed to be easily disassembled for painting and modification. The possibilities are endless, and these cases do not just support water cooling; they are water cooling with half the loop making up the backbone of the case. 
This has the advantage that users do not have to purchase all the components required to fit a traditional case with water cooling. It also gives users the opportunity to be creative in how they plan their water-cooling setup. Extra components and distro plates can be purchased that slot into the chassis and the innovative features such as integrated cable management, preinstalled D5 pump, and built-in drain and fill ports save a huge amount of time when it comes to design and build time.
The difference between Wraith and Spectre 3.0 is size, with the Wraith supporting mini-ITX and the Spectre a mid-tower form factor capable of containing even XL-ATX (320mm*285mm) motherboards. Whichever you choose, Spectre 3.0 and Wraith provide an outstanding foundation for any water-cooled PC build.
Aside from their amazing cases, Singularity Computers also offer water cooling accessories. You can use these for top quality water cooling and to bring that Singularity Computers aesthetic to your own build.


  • Pump and Reservoir combos such as the Resonance 

  • Reservoirs in a variety of sizes and colours and all associated accessories 

  • High-quality acrylic tubing in different diameters

  • Pumps, covers and mounting equipment.

Hydrocore Performance Systems is pleased to announce that they have been selected for exclusive distribution of this case for the Singapore market.

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